Maestro Ciro Gerardo Petraroli

Maestro Petraroli has dedicated his entire life to music, philosophy and the mystic-esoteric study of religion: the realisation and perfect understanding through Art and the Ethereal coalesce in a psychodynamic journey through science, awareness and understanding.

He has made countless journeys in search of that arcane concept which binds all people in symbiosis as expressions of details which are united in their global existence.

“The art of music becomes atavistic memory which manifests itself in genius… the language of dreams, psychic elements which articulate themselves in multiple emotions according to one’s socio-cultural position.”

Artists have recognised in this the possibility to knit together the various ages of history, the means of disseminating those musical notions or, in other words, autonomous creations in order to be able to condense harmonic combinations and “myelisme” which have been with us since early times.

For the Maestro music is a receptacle which, though crossing the sphere of the senses can and must echo back to the ears that do not hear… that vehicle which unites us with the Self.
“In the near future music will be mystical or it will not be at all…” Malraux