After a long career in classical music, in 2014 Maestro Petraroli created an entirely new  musical genre naming it “Darklassic” -  a classic compositional style of music that integrates ethnic, electronic sounds and rhythms, which blend with concepts of mystical  philosophy, Art and Gnosis involving subliminal perception of the transcendent.

The multimedia agency AdnKronos quotes "Yeros breaks the ordinary rules . And he does it so intensely all the way to create a new world: Darklassic ... "

Every track was composed with the concept of a corresponding video in his mind, because all his musical creations are composed not only to be listened, but also to be watched.

In this way, his performance is not only a concert, but also an evocative visual show.

The audience is captured by sounds of his music and visual projections of raw, realistic and profoundly symbolic contents.

 “The main thought - explains Yeros - is attributable to my philosophy and psychology studies and is based on the idea that everyone has its own light, a path to follow and it has to be found deep inside oneself. The concept “Darklassic” is formed by two aspects of dark:

 obscurity ( lat. obscuritas) and darkness (lat. tenebrae).

In the obscurity the light does not differ from the dark, meaning we are unable to see it.

Whilst in the darkness we are conscious of the dark, so we have eyes to look at it.

The work of Maestro Petraroli is defined by the international critique as “the eclectic and polyhedric composer” and it is also connected to the concept of “Triptychal Art”

 which he expresses during the show thanks to a mix of sounds and music, projections and theatrical performances.

 "I think," Maestro said, " that music, theater and projections taken as such are not sufficient  for an effective comprehension of things…

 These three elements put together and through sensibility and deep socio - ethical balance are trying to answer questionings in the world and the art . "