The Latin phrase says “Outside, all (of you)”, pronounced by the Master of the Papal Liturgical Celebrations who orders all individuals other than the cardinal electors and conclave participants to leave the Chapel since the election of the new Pope is secret.
The Extra Omnes video discloses various interrogative topics related to man.
There have been many times when we asked ourselves about the existence of other “forms” of life apart from the one on the Earth.
Is it just about man’s capability and intelligence to have architected certain constructions which are still mysteriously inexplicable to the nowadays science, or is it about the so-called alien “visit” which gave its contribution?
An alien pit-stop on planet Earth which left behind the “missing link” that creationists use to argue that Darwinian evolution is an invalid theory.
This graft that was done to the hominids became a potential to obtain the distinction and turn into the species that we have become.
Notwithstanding the potential, man is destined to struggle with its Ego and the primordial pain of possessing, dragging through life becomes insatiable to the point of autodestruction.
Outside all (of you) - the animalistic survival instinct in us generates the re - creation of the man with a new objective; the regeneration, the complete transformation starting with a new life on another planet that is not the Earth any more.